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Thursday, 2 August 2012


I find out a film/documentary called Teenage: The Creation of Youth Culture , from 
Matt Wolf and Jon Savage (also made a book with the same name). Is amazing to see 
how the whole culture was born in the 20th century and how it developed and also 
make us think how this is going to be in this new century...

However something else come to my mind, youth is the most precious thing for our society since the beginning of civilization, preservation of the body, soul and it's 
so ironic that experience and wisdom are also praised but is almost impossible to have both at the same time.

Not talking about beauty, but youth. Being young and restless, that's what beautiful, 
even ignorance and naivety. The teenager are the ones with heart of a lion and still 
open minded to fight for what they believe, fresh ideas and more questioning, "why not?", "the sky is the limit", all over history we saw Hippies, Punks, Mods etc... living
life and maybe that is what people admire.

Plus, this is the stage where we are free to play and conduct ourselves that lead 
ourselves anywhere freely. You may do whatever you want, but as Muslim we must
spot the barrier. The barrier that lead you even worse or better one. This is also the stage to wear your heart on your sleeve. You may support or condemn anything or everybody you want. It's all up to you.

You may become a great successful leader in the future, or well known young entrepreneur of a big company,  or the billionaire, or maybe the prime minister. So, figure now. Decide which way do you prefer and don't waste your most precious era. Plus, you are the Generation Y. Nobody beats the Gen Y. 

Last but not least, wake up youths!!.. Every seconds counts. Don't let it go. Everyday, 86400seconds have wasted if you didn't do anything..(sleep time should count)

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